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Achieve a growth mindset

Experience the Power of Improv

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By the founder of 

What can improv do for you?


Improv State is a mindset that improvisers adopt—a space where endless possibilities are explored. It involves being fully receptive to the world around you and being open to seizing opportunities without judgment or hesitation.

On stage, Improv State empowers performers to navigate uncertainty and create memorable moments spontaneously. The impact Improv has extends beyond the stage - this mindset can bring about positive changes in various aspects of life and work.

At Improv State, we help companies, teams, and individuals experience this transformative mindset. By tapping into the essence of Improv State, uncover your team's and your own potential and pave the way to success. Explore the power of Improv State, and you'll find new yous towards achieving your goals.

Our Services


Improv for Leaders

Exclusive for executive teams

Expand your Leadership skills through exercises that challenge you to communicate effectively in difficult situations while ensuring psychological safety.


Improv for Teams

Collaboration focused workshops

Discover new ways to communicate, connect, and collaborate to  enhance teamwork and create a supportive atmosphere.


1:1 Coaching

Thought-provoking 1:1 sessions

Adopt the unlimited possibilities mindset to identify your true passion and goals, overcome what may be holding you back, and develop a clear plan to success.

About Me

About me

I'm a Learning & Performance consultant, an Improviser and a Certified Professional Coach. 

I worked in small start-ups and at Google, where I combined my knowledge of business, personal development, learning design and theatre to create customised learning experiences that empower individuals and teams to achieve transformational change. 

Now I support companies around the world delivering workshops for multiple roles, team sizes and nationalities on a variety of soft skills that include effective communication, collaboration, innovation, sales, public speaking and leadership development. 

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